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Because of the Corona pandemic, some lost investment opportunities, and many lost their jobs. I was among those who lost their jobs. I have been working as a full time lawyer. And I could not spend enough time with my family, because of spending a lot of time at work and dealing with clients face to face, which makes the work stressful and low in income, except that my work requires traveling and moving between states, and the problem here is that I am not good at another job and there is no time To start regular study again in another field for another four or five years, so when the courts closed and work was suspended for more than three months due to the pandemic I could not find a temporary alternative for my work, until the day came when I was on Facebook browsing the different education grants that were asking There are many conditions, and I found an announcement about the Nano-program in e-marketing, and it does not require prior experience or complicated academic conditions. Rather, the student starts from the beginning to become a professional in many areas that qualify him to work online away from the city’s noise and traffic congestion, as well as weakening the income of regular routine jobs in offices, so after Many questions and research about the best fields available for Udacity to study, I found that e-marketing is the most suitable program for two reasons, the first is that it enables me to work freely on the Internet and spend more time with my family Which is not available in office work at all, the second reason is that it is suitable for my work as a lawyer as well, as I can market my work and my colleagues via the Internet, as it opens a new market for lawyers, and I found the solution with saving money and time, and it is a free work online, especially since the business started focusing on e-commerce Publishing rights and the like, all of which require a good knowledge of the best marketing strategies.

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